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I am an Angel Mom, Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, Professor, Entrepreneur,
Entertainment Agent & 
Brand Strategist. 


—  Dr. Syleecia Thompson

Her Story

Dr. Syleecia Thompson is an Angel Mom, Author, Professor, Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist and Entertainment Manager and Agent. She takes a multi-faceted approach to entrepreneurship considering herself, The Serial Entrepreneur. Her company focuses on empowerment, entertainment, entrepreneurship and education. She has launched and led over 100 master classes, taught more than 5,000 students globally, solidified and booked more than $5,000,000 in television, book, music, concert and film deals. Her skills also include coordinating, overseeing and launching events and book releases for herself and several clients. 

Work With Me

Author Power Program

"Everyone has a story to tell....So, let me help you tell yours"

This 3-month author consulting program will change your life. Dr. Syleecia will give you the tools and knowledge to help you finish your book, get published, create a sustainable brand, develop a winning television pitch and help you create a strong book and media tour blueprint.

12-Month Coaching Program

"Invest in your Vision"

This 12-month coaching program is for entrepreneurs or career professionals seeking to build their brand, develop a wealth creation plan, launch a product, business or book and take their vision to the next level. Contact Dr. Syleecia for details, pricing and application.

Consulting: Entrepreneur, Entertainment, Empowerment

"Your network determines your net worth"

Consulting, Brand Strategy and Business Coaching can take your business or personal life to another level. This program enables you to get results and design a new personal and professional network.

Master Class

"Education is the cornerstone of your success"

Dr. Syleecia holds several online group master classes throughout the year. Check out the Events page for upcoming classes.

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