Get an autographed copy of Grammy-Nominated Blues and Soul Singer Syl Johnson new book, "It's Because They Were Black"


The past can predict the future, but without true acknowledgement of its impact, it can also repeat itself.


Syl Johnson shares his tumultuous journey of reclaiming his ancestors' land and fighting for his own music rights. His story offers a lively depiction of the underhanded motives of others and the long-lasting impact upon the wealth of subsequent generations.


He asks the hard questions including: How do we reclaim wealth that has been stolen? This call to action begins with a dynamic story presenting documented proof of collusion and deceitful behavior by bad actors in government and the community.


The book shines a light on the ills of the past, bringing awareness to generational wealth lost over the years, but this story is not unique to Syl Johnson's family.


It's time we face facts and demand justice.

It's Because They Were Black (autographed copy)

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